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Travel Photographer 101 by Tyrion.S

When Harvest and Christmas holiday coming, most of people are preparing their trip planning, where to go, when to go, and who would trip together, as well as thinking about what kind of camera and lens needs to be brought together.

If you already have a digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) or Electronic ViewFinder, Interchangeable Lens (EVIL; mirrorless) camera, and have more than 3 lens, than you may have trouble on what kind of lends and accessories that should be bring for the trip.

For myself, first of all, I will think about the purpose of the trip, what kind of photo that I would like to take. I will review some travel blogs, travel magazine and understand more about the destination, then design what kind of lens and accessories that will be brought for the trip.

However, if I do not have time to do any study prior the trip, than I will just simply to bring a Standard Zoom Lenses range like 24-105mm, and a Telephoto Zoom Lenses range like 70-300mm. These 2 lenses can cover a large zoom area ranging from 24mm wide-angle to 300 mm portrait-length telephoto.


Unless you have special preference and cover all angles, then you may need to bring all range of lens and or cameras for the trip like below camera pack


Or like the lady on below images.



If you’ve thought about the purpose of travel is for relaxing and sightseeing, some people would just bring one lens with the range around 18-300 mm or 28-300mm. As it is more convenient and light weight that compare with bring few more lenses.

Meanwhile, I also will bring a flash light, tripod, one additional battery and memory card, as well as spare camera for backup purpose.